Corporate and Non-Government Grants

NAB Foundation Community Grants

You can get up to $10,000 to fund local projects aiming to do one or more of the following:

  • help people and places prepare for natural disasters
  • assist in short and long-term recovery efforts
  • build community resilience against future disasters
  • strengthen the environment to be more resilient to natural disasters
  • help communities reduce their climate risk.

Charities, social enterprises or organisations with a charitable purpose can apply for a grant to support a project, program or initiative. Examples of the kinds of initiatives we will fund include: 

  • education
  • training
  • emergency systems
  • preparedness plans
  • mental health support
  • infrastructure
  • equipment
  • business resilience
  • household resilience
  • urban greening
  • reducing climate risk.

A total of $1 million in grants is available in two grant award rounds in 2021.

The program also has a $200,000 prize pool. Up to six prizes per year will be awarded in 2021 to projects that intend to have a long-term social or environmental impact. 

There are two funding types:

  • Community Grants of up to $10,000, from a total pool of $1 million.
  • Prizes, from a total prize pool of $200,000. for recipients of Community Grants where the project intends to have a long-term social or environmental impact. This funding aims to support grantees replicate the project in other areas, scale it or measuring the impact. Applications can’t be submitted for prizes only.

Applications received from 23 November 2020 to 31 March 2021 will be assessed, and successful grantees will be notified in April 2021. Applications received from 1 April 2021 to 30 July 2021 will be assessed, and successful grantees will be notified in August 2021.

For grant guidelines, please click here.


Innovation Grants

These grants are an opportunity for leaders within the charitable sector to develop and implement effective solutions to social and environmental issues.

Whether it is piloting or scaling a new program, service delivery model, social enterprise or developing policy & research for systems change, Innovation Grants are to test, develop and demonstrate new solutions, big or small.

Innovation Grants support projects or initiatives aligned with one or more outcomes of the Foundation's Impact Areas: 

The Foundation offers two types of Innovation grants: 

1. Seed Innovation Grants
Up to $50,000 for one year.

These grants support the researching, testing or piloting of a new idea or approach. This can include:

  • Project funding to test, demonstrate, trial or pilot a new concept or idea that will lead to a service improvement or an advance in a major community issue.
  • Research funding to build understanding of an area or issue.
  • Inform program design or practice, inform policy development and philanthropic investment or identify best practice.
  • Funding to support the initial development phase of a social enterprise.

Seed Innovation Grant projects may be considered for a Scaling-up Innovation Grant in future years.​

2. Scaling-up Innovation Grants
Up to $300,000 for two years (maximum of $150,000 per year).

These grants support the expansion or replication of a proven innovation with the potential to be transformative on a broader community or systems level. This can include:

  • Piloting or scaling-up a new service model or developing social enterprise.
  • Applying a new approach to improving service effectiveness and/or service quality.
  • Increasing impact and/or service effectiveness through sharing space or back office support, or other forms of partnership, merger or collaboration.
  • Building an understanding of an emerging issue or area through applied research (i.e. research that has application in practice).

Closes 12 February 2021

For grant guidelines, please click here.


Wettenhall Small Environment Grants

Wettenhall is looking for projects around:
•flora and fauna conservation (Australia-wide)
•threatened mammal conservation (Australia-wide)

These projects should involve any of the following:
•monitoring, recording and sharing data
•delivering community education
•providing community capacity building (e.g. training)
•research and science

  • Projects must directly make positive changes to biodiversity conservation in Australia.
  • Projects should have some short term outputs but also have long term objectives and values.
  • Projects should show the following: enthusiasm, collaboration, passion, innovation.
  • We are most interested in projects that use citizen science or are about community education that leads to conservation.
  • You must be prepared to submit a final report when your project is completed.
  • Individual property owners will not be funded

There are four rounds every year.

For grant guidelines, please click here.


Women’s Economic Security Project Grant Round - Building financial wellbeing through employment (Ecstra Foundation)

Applications are now open for a grant round totalling $2,000,000, with funding proposals ideally being between $50,000 - $300,000 depending on the scale of the initiative and the relative size of the applicant.

This grant will support charities and social enterprises who provide meaningful employment opportunities for women who face barriers accessing mainstream paid work.

This will include models, programs or initiatives such as micro-enterprises, small business creation, paid peer educator programs and employment skill development that contribute to improved financial wellbeing.

Initiatives will integrate tailored financial capability and personalised support into their delivery, to help women build their financial confidence, reach their money and career goals and build a more financially secure future.

Who Can Apply:

  • Non-Government
  • Community Groups
  • Businesses

The intended grant outcomes are: 

  • more opportunities for women to access meaningful and secure paid work through an employer, cooperative or their own enterprise – helping them achieve their career and financial goals

  • more women are supported to build their financial capability, confidence and decision making through access to timely, relevant and tailored resources/support

  • to enable charities and social enterprises to scale and share sustainable Initiatives

  • contribute to the evidence base of ‘what works’ in building women’s economic security and financial wellbeing in Australia.

Closes 12 February 2021

For grant guidelines, please click here.


Small grants - James.N Kirby Foundation

The James N Kirby Foundation can only consider requests from organisations with current Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) endorsement.

Grants $3000-$15000 are offered in the areas of health, education, technology and science, art and literature.

Who Can Apply

  • Non-Government
  • Education
  • Health
  • Community Groups
  • Other

Closes 14 February 2021

Applicants will be notified of the outcome within a month of the Board Meeting held in May.

For grant guidelines, please click here.


You Grow Girl - Netball Grants

Woolworths ‘You Grow Community’ grants program wants to support netball clubs and associations by giving away $250,000 worth of funding.

Netball clubs and associations can seek funding to assist with developments/improvements to their community, whether that be through:

•Upgrading facilities
•Developing skills
•Purchasing equipment
•Supporting their club's members

There are 125 x $2,000 grants.

For grant guidelines, please click here.


The Honda Foundation Grants

This grant is focused on organisations that help others.

The Foundation acts as a charitable trust, providing financial assistance to charities and organisations doing amazing work across a range of social and environmental issues. 

There are no set minimum and maximum funding limits. Applications are viewed on a case-by-case basis.

The application is a three-step process:
- Download the appropriate application form
- Locate the nearest authorised Honda Motor Vehicle Dealership & make an appointment to meet with the Dealer Principal.
- If the Dealer Principal endorses the application, the application needs to be submitted by the applicant before the closing date via post or email.

The 2021 closing dates are:
- 4 February 2021 
- 5 August 2021 

Eligible activities include:
- Supporting the disadvantaged, disabled or those suffering from illness.
- Relief for victims of natural disasters.
- Promotion of innovation and new technologies.

Please refer to the Application Tips for a list of examples of eligible items/activities.

Closes 4 February 2020

For grant guidelines, please click here.


Community Education Programme

Ansvar’s Community Education Program provides a range of grants to organisations supporting Australian youth through programs that fall under two categories – Empowerment and Education, and Outreach and Support.

Since the grants were first awarded in 1994, Ansvar has contributed over $15 million to education and life skills programs reaching thousands of young people across Australia.

Ansvar’s Community Education Program provides grants up to $50,000 for programs supporting Australian youth which fall under two categories:

Programs within this category must provide opportunities to develop positive values that lead to healthy lifestyle choices and a positive contribution to our community.
Programs within this category must support youths who are at risk or are already experiencing difficulties (such as drug and/or alcohol abuse) through rehabilitation and/or skills training.

For grant guidelines, please click here.


St George Foundation Community Grant

St.George Foundation has two Community Grant funding rounds each year where selected, eligible Australian children’s charities are granted up to $50,000. Community Grants aim to support grassroots projects that brighten the lives of children experiencing physical, social or economic disadvantage.

St George is looking for organisations who partner with small community organisations that attract little funding from the government and who aren’t big enough to generate significant fundraising income on their own.

To be eligible for funding your organisation will:
•Focus your efforts on children in Australia under the age of 24 years.
•Be located in NSW, ACT, QLD or WA.
•Have an annual gross revenue of less than $5M.
•Receive less than 40% of your income from state, federal or local government funding (unless you have an income less than $1M per annum, in which case your government funding can exceed 40%).
•Provide recent, audited financial statements, signed by the auditor.
•Be endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (but not another ancillary fund). Deductible Gift Recipients must be listed with the Australian Taxation Office under Item 1 of the Table in Section 30–15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act, 1997.

Your project will need to focus on:
•Early intervention
•Educational equipment and assistance
•Youth workers
•Recreational and respite programs
•Counselling and therapy
•Medical equipment

For grant guidelines, please click here.

Content Grants

This grant aims to support the development, production and distribution of original content via Australian community media.  (This can include new episodes of existing programs.)

You can apply for a Content Grant if you are a current or prospective community broadcaster producing content for broadcast by a recognised community broadcasting station.

The grant can be used for content development and distribution costs such as:

  • Project-specific wage support: presenters, producers, cast, crew, project management, technicians
  • Program-specific needs: research materials, music and copyright purchases, relevant project-specific insurance such as defamation insurance for a special broadcast event, travel, marketing, development resources, TV studio hire, venue hire, small equipment, equipment hire, catering, materials for set design, costumes and props, make-up, interpreters, subtitles and captioning, program-specific training, phone/internet costs, program website costs, production support and facilities
  • Organisational support: administration costs for funded projects

Closes 2 March 2021

For grant guidelines, please click here.



If your organisation would like to have its community funding opportunities listed on this website, please email Zali's Grants Officer.

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