Disability Grants & Grants for Vulnerable People

2020 Local Domestic and Family Violence Committee Grants

The grants have three key objectives:
•To raise awareness in the community of the impacts of domestic and family violence.
•To reinforce messages about positive behaviours and social norms rejecting violence against women and engage local organisations, especially men’s based organisations, groups and schools, in leading efforts for change.
•To increase awareness in the local community of services and support available for those experiencing or perpetrating domestic and family violence, or those responsible for it.

Projects that will be funded include:

•Those that reinforce messages about positive behaviours and social norms rejecting violence against women, and collaborations with local organisations, especially men’s-based organisations, groups and schools, in leading efforts for change.
•those that develop educational and awareness-raising resources, print information booklets, promotional brochures and posters about DFV and/or local services.

There is a total of $80,000. Grants of up to $1,800 are available for projects that raise awareness about the impacts of domestic and family violence

Closes 30 October 2020

For grant guidelines, please click here.

The COVID-19 Aged Care Support Program (GO4215)

The purpose of this grant is to minimise the risk of infection to aged care workers, residents and other consumers of aged care services and minimise the financial burden COVID-19 could cause aged care services.
The intended outcomes are to reduce:

• the risk of residents, other consumers of aged care services and workers in declared hotspots from being exposed to COVID-19
• the risk of residential care workers unintentionally transmitting COVID-19 by working across multiple sites
• the financial costs of managing the impacts of COVID-19 before an outbreak occurs in eligible aged care services.

Examples of eligible workforce costs that can be claimed under this grant are those that will minimise the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak and support eligible workers:

•who normally work at multiple residential aged care facilities but will be working solely at the facility being applied for
•who are not to attend work because they have been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, have been diagnosed as COVID-19 positive, require testing or are subject to self-isolation or quarantine requirements; or
•to undertake training in the event a skills gap arises from where existing workers are not to work due to experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or are subject to self-isolation or quarantine requirements.

Please note the addendum:  

Additional services/facilities have been added to the spreadsheet to account for providers who have more than six services that meet the eligibility criteria.

Closes 30 June 2021
For grant guidelines, please click here.


Family Relationships Services Programme (GO349)

The objective of this grant is to improve the wellbeing of Australian families, particularly families with children, who are at risk of separating, or who have separated.

This grant opportunity specifically relates to the Family Law Systems Projects component of the FRSP. Funding is only available for discrete projects which build the capacity of the family law system to assist families who are at risk of separation or have separated.

This can include projects to support the family law services which are separately funded under the FRSP, such as family law counselling, children’s contact services and family dispute resolution. Funding could be sought for activities such as training for staff of the family law services or research into issues relating to family separation.

Funding is not available through this grant opportunity for proposals focused on domestic violence, mental health, parenting skills or other issues if those proposals are not directly linked to supporting family law services and the wellbeing of separated and separating Australian families. Funding is not available to establish new family law services or to increase ongoing base funding for existing family law services.

This grant is ongoing.

For grant guidelines, please click here.


Impact Investment Ready - Growth Grant

The Impact Investment Ready Growth Grant equips for-profit and not-for-profit organisations with the support they need to create tangible social outcomes.  The fund allows them to secure investment capital to fast-track the growth and scale of their project which will solve a predominantly Australia-based social problem.

The Impact Investment Ready Growth Grants are funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS) Sector Readiness Fund and the following trusts in Equity Trustee's SIP Program; Trudy and Florence Williams Charitable Trust, managed by Equity Trustees and The Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation (LMCF).

Grant decisions are made by an independent panel of experts.

Applications are encouraged from all organisations that focus on one or more of the following outcome areas:
•Early Childhood & Education
•Employment, Training & Participation
•Housing & Local Amenity
•Physical Health & Disability
•Family, Communities & Inclusion
•Mental Health & Well-being
•Income & Financial Inclusion
•Indigenous People.

Grants up to $140,000 are available. 

Expressions of Interest are accepted on an ongoing basis.

For grant guidelines, please click here.


The Deaf Society

There are grants available to help with education for members of the deaf community in the following programs:

•Tertiary Scholarship
•Personal or Community Development
•Interpreter Mentoring ProgramsTertiary Scholarships are available through the Kenneth W Tribe Fellowship Fund. 

The aim of the Fund is to provide financial support to deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing individuals who wish to further their education.

Applicants need to show that their course of study will improve their employment opportunities and enhance their ability to contribute to the Deaf Community.

The fund is capped at $5,000 per year.

For an application form, please click here.








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