Disability Grants

Disability Strategy Innovation Program

The program will partner with schools to test innovative ideas that improve the learning and wellbeing of students with disability.

The Department will pilot ideas already underway in a school, or new ideas that haven’t been tested yet. They are looking for ideas that are innovative, measurable and scalable. Ideas could improve transitions, foster inclusion, test flexible approaches to resourcing or create better learning outcomes.

Funding will support the additional staffing and physical resources required to bring these innovative ideas to life through the design, implementation and evaluation of pilots.

Proposals are open to principals of all NSW Government schools including preschools. Principals are encouraged to consult with students, parents, teachers, support staff, and non-teaching staff when preparing their applications.

Principals can partner with other principals, early childhood providers or external stakeholders, such as a research partner, advocacy group or parents association. All school staff can join a webinar to find out more about the program and answer any questions.

School principals can submit proposals through the Innovation Program online application form until 21 February 2020.

For Program Guidelines, please click here.