Environmental Grants


Business Recycling Program – Bin Trim Rebates for small-medium businesses

This program aims to fund small scale equipment used for recycling waste generated by small to medium-sized businesses. It is part of the NSW EPA’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative.

Rebates of $1,000 - $50,000 are available for up to 50% of the cost of the equipment. 

Eligible equipment that reduces waste and landfill includes (but is not limited to):
- Compactors
- Glass crushing machines
- Commercial worm farms
- Composters
- Shredders
- EPS compaction equipment
- Recycling bins/bin equipment

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ARENA Advancing Renewables Program

This program aims to support a broad range of development, demonstration and pre-commercial deployment projects that can deliver affordable and reliable renewable energy.

The program’s objective is to fund activities that contribute to one or more of the following outcomes:
- Reduction in the cost of renewable energy.
- Increase in the value delivered by renewable energy.
- Improvement in technology readiness and commercial readiness of renewable energy.
- Reduction in or removal of barriers to renewable energy uptake.
- Increased skills, capacity and knowledge relevant to renewable energy.

Grants are expected to be between $100,000 and $50 million, with applicants typically expected to at least match the funding being sought from ARENA.

The application is a two-stage process:
- Expression of interest
- Full application

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact ARENA to discuss their proposal before submitting an EOI.

This grant is available on an ongoing basis.

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Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) – Financing Solutions

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) works to deliver financial solutions to increase the flow of funds into the clean energy sector. It seeks to invest in clean energy technologies, which are defined in the CEFC Act as renewable energy, energy efficiency and low emissions technologies.

CEFC's financial products include:
- Direct investments: For small and large scale clean energy projects and include flexible debt and/or equity finance, tailored to individual projects.
- Investment funds: CEFC invests in new and established investment funds to co-deliver clean energy for agribusiness, infrastructure, property and more.
- Debt markets: CEFC is a leading investor in Australia's emerging green bonds market, creating new clean energy options for investors and developers.
- Asset finance: CEFC works with banks and co-financiers to deliver discounted finance to businesses, manufacturers and farmers for clean energy investments.

CEFC's preferred minimum individual investment size for renewable technology projects is $20 million.

The Corporation does not provide grants but may co-finance or co-invest in projects that have received grant assistance.

A total funding pool of $10 billion is available.

Eligible technologies for investment include:
1. Renewable energy technologies
- Renewables (including bioenergy, geothermal, hydro, ocean, solar, waste-to-energy, wind)
- Hybrids of renewables with other technologies
- Technologies (including enabling technologies) that are related to renewable energy (including the supply of goods or services)

2. Energy efficiency technologies
- Energy efficiency (including energy conservation and demand management)
- Technologies (including enabling technologies) that are related to energy efficiency (including the supply of goods or services)

3. Low emissions technologies
- Energy production
- Electricity generation including the use of non-renewable, fossil fuels
- Fuels for and modes of transportation
- Using, reducing, or eliminating existing fugitive greenhouse gas emissions

CEFC does not make investments on technologies which are not 'solely or mainly Australian-based' or are in 'prohibited technologies', such as:
- A technology for carbon capture and storage (within the meaning of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007)
- Nuclear technology
- Nuclear power

This program is open on an ongoing basis.

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