The ABC plays an essential role in public debate and democracy in Australia. It is much loved and respected by Australians as a high quality, trusted and independent source of news and current affairs, entertainment and information.

Polls show that more than 80% of Australians agree that the ABC provides a valuable service to the community. The ABC tells Australian stories and produces quality Australian content that reflects both community diversity and community needs. Australians - both young and old - rely on ABC online, radio and television to inform, entertain and educate without political and commercial influence.

Despite the importance of the ABC to our community and culture, funding cuts have resulted in hundreds of job losses, axing of programs such as Lateline, Catalyst and statewide 7.30 Reports, a reduction in Australian TV drama production and closure of ABC local radio newsrooms. This cannot continue.

Funding must be restored to the ABC to ensure it remains independent and continues to play a role in public debate and community support in Australia and our region.


Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander voice in The Constitution

All is still not equal. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples experience widespread socioeconomic disadvantage and health inequality. They have a shorter life expectancy than non-indigenous Australians and indigenous young people are 24 times as likely than non-indigenous young people to be in detention. This has to change.

Establishing a First Nations Voice in The Constitution is the next step in building a more unified and reconciled nation, giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples the ability to have direct input into the development of policy and legislation that affects them and improve socioeconomic outcomes while retaining cultural legitimacy in their communities.

Australia would follow in the footsteps of Canada, South Africa, Finland and Germany, who have instituted indigenous representative bodies to give their First Nations peoples the ability to have self-determination and the notion of ‘free, prior and informed consent’ as laid out in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

I believe this would mark a new era of understanding and stability in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs and I am committed to seeing this happen.


Adani Mine

The added greenhouse gases released from the burning of coal attributed to the Adani mine would risk thousands of direct and indirect jobs (64,000+) provided by the Great Barrier Reef. While only providing 3920 ongoing jobs at most.

I do not support the Adani Mine and believe the process that led to the Coalition Government approving the project’s groundwater management plans has been inadequate. I support a review of the approval process and a rejection of the proposal.


Beaches Link Tunnel

As a resident of North Balgowlah who used to travel into the city for work, I understand the issue of traffic congestion. The B-Line has been a great success at reducing congestion and we can build on this with the Beaches Link tunnel.

However, people want the tunnel done right. This means provisions for clean public transport through the tunnel. It also means ensuring the state government thoroughly mitigates the environmental, social and health impacts.

I am committed to ensuring the outcome is the best possible long-term solution for Warringah.



People nearing the end of their natural lives should be treated with respect and dignity and be able to make their own choices. If we are going to change our laws, we need a framework with safeguards and strict processes that ensure people’s safety.


Foreign Aid

Aid programs help reduce poverty and transform people’s lives by providing access to education, healthcare, clean water and food.

I commit to reversing the downward trend in our aid budget, with an emphasis on targeted aid in the Pacific and Asia to maintain our moral authority and serve Australia’s security and national interests.


Live Sheep Exports

The science on heat stress and associated issues in the live sheep trade is clear, showing the devastating impact on these animals. I believe it is our moral and ethical responsibility to bring an end to live sheep exports.


Northern Beaches Hospital

Northern Beaches Hospital caters for over 256,000 people who were previously serviced by Mona Vale and Manly Hospitals. The hospital’s significance to the community cannot be understated.

When it opened in October 2018, there were numerous issues highlighted by staff and patients - understaffing, medical supply and equipment shortages, a lack of outpatient services formerly available at Mona Vale and Manly Hospitals, and unreasonable waiting times. Improvements must continue to be made.

As the independent MP for Warringah I am advocating for increased transparency and better outcomes for staff and patients.


Offshore Drilling & Testing

I believe our future lies in clean energy and technology, so I oppose new gas and oil extraction projects, including offshore and in the Great Australian Bight. They are too risky for our environment, locally and globally.

NSW’s beaches and coastal areas should be protected to ensure their long-term conservation. The proposal for Asset Energy to conduct 3D seismic testing for gas exploration poses a threat to marine life, commercial and recreational fishing, and eco-tourism and should not be approved. It does not have community support.


Pill Testing

As an athlete I am anti-drugs, but as a parent, I believe no one can underestimate the impact of peer pressure, and we need measures to save lives. Most medical professionals and the Australian Medical Association back a trial of pill testing to save lives and I support this view.


Population Growth

Immigration needs to be done in an orderly and measured way to ensure population levels can be sustainably supported, in step with infrastructure and investment. With population growth, more pressure is put on our natural environment due to urbanisation, pollution and biodiversity loss. Population increases must be aligned with monitoring and long-term sustainability of our natural environment.



The 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees defines a refugee as a person who is outside their country of nationality or habitual residence, has a well-founded fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion, and is unable or unwilling to avail themselves of the protection of that country, or to return there, for fear of persecution.

I believe we must treat our refugees humanely and fairly, and foster a future that maintains strong border protection while developing more cooperation with our region to create clearer resettlement options. People should not have to risk their lives making dangerous journeys across seas or sit for 5+ years in detention.

We need a greater focus on asylum seekers arriving by air. The number of asylum seekers arriving by plane grew to more than 27,000 in 2017-18, compared to the 18,365 asylum seekers who arrived by boat at the peak of the refugee crisis in 2012-2013. Since 2013-14, more than 64,000 people have come to Australia by plane and applied for a protection visa.


Solar Panels and Wind Farms in Warringah

My personal commitment to climate change is demonstrated by my running for Federal Parliament and serving as the Federal Member for Warringah. It’s unfortunate that such an important issue as the climate crisis is trivialised by some and reduced to my personal use of solar panels, the car I drive and a joke petition to put windmills on Manly beach. For the record, I do have solar panels on my house, I will drive an electric car when a suitable model is available, and I do not support wind farms along Warringah’s beachfront.


School Funding

Education is an essential component in preparing our children for the future workforce and enabling a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. As such, it must remain a priority.

Our schools should be continually assessed to ensure they have the resources and facilities to provide a quality education. We need to focus on our learning outcomes in conjunction with education funding levels. Our learning outcomes are falling behind our international peers. We must explore the best ways to educate the next generation and prepare them for workplaces of the future.

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