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Mental Health Grant

NHMRC is developing a funding call to support a multidisciplinary and nationally focussed team to establish a national centre for innovation in mental health care as a collaborative network across Australia (involving key institutions, existing national networks in mental health, and other relevant bodies).

The NHMRC Special Initiative in Mental Health will undertake innovative, high-quality implementation research into improved health outcomes and outlooks for people living with mental illness. The centre will operate as a virtual network across Australia, coordinated by a single institution acting as an administrative hub.

The centre will include flagship programs to focus the network’s activities on each of the identified research themes. Flagships, which may be based at participating institutions, should be open to a broad membership of researchers, health care services, carers and consumers in mental health to facilitate innovative service delivery across Australia.

Due for release January to June 2020.

For more information, please email.


Energy Efficient Communities Program

Due for release by the Department of Environment and Energy in early 2020. Community organisations will be able to apply for solar panels and other energy efficiency measures.  Given the expected high level of interest, a mechanism is being developed to facilitate equitable geographic distribution.  Once the guidelines are released, they will be listed on this website under "Environmental Grants" and emailed to our database.  If you would like to join our grants database, please email Zali's Grants Officer.