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Targeted Call for Research into End of Life Care (EOLC)

The intended aims of the EOLC TCR are to identify best practice approaches to end of life care that are meaningful for patients, families and carers and coordinated within, and sustainable for, the health system.

The objectives of the EOLC TCR are to:
•understand how to provide high quality, evidence-based end of life care, in an environment that is person-centred, recognising, accommodating and respecting the preferences and values of patients, their families and carers
•increase the awareness of patients, families, carers and the community of the options, preferences and ethics for end of life care
•identify best practice support and training for carers, families and health/allied health professionals
•support the development of end of life care models which are systematic, integrated, flexible, culturally safe, appropriate according to need, and sustainable
•use data and evidence for service development, monitoring and quality assurance.

The EOLC TCR will not support:
•research based entirely overseas
•proposals that focus on voluntary assisted dying and/or euthanasia
•studies that involve animal or in vitro work.

The estimated period of release July-December 2020

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MRFF CRR 2020 Rapid Response Digital Health

This grant was announced as part of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) National Health Plan to support our health system to manage the outbreak of novel coronavirus in Australia. This package provides support across primary care, aged care, hospitals and research, and includes funding from the MRFF for a Coronavirus Research Response comprising vaccine, anti-viral and respiratory medicine research.

Digital health approaches and tools have the potential to fundamentally transform the capacity and speed of the health system to respond to urgent and high-need challenges such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

For this grant opportunity funding for high priority digital health infrastructure that has the potential to increase the speed and quality of health system responses during acute crises.

Estimated period of release: July to December 2020

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MRFF CRR 2020 Communication Strategies

This grant provides Australian researchers with funding to drive innovation and contribute to global efforts to control the COVID-19 outbreak.

For this grant opportunity funding for research into how diverse communities respond during outbreaks, how they react, access information and interpret it.

The estimated period of release: July to December 2020

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