Boost our mental, social and physical health

Australia ranks fifth in the world for life expectancy1 and we’re living longer than ever before. However, there are constant pressures on the health budget and a number of health concerns in the population. How can we continue to improve our health in Warringah and across Australia?
Let’s make a long-term plan for a new era of Australia’s mental, social and physical health.

Australia works hard to maintain a strong health system

I believe that our health system should:
  • recognise that ‘health’ means mental, social and physical health, and
  • provide quality health care for all Australians.
For that we need:
  • a focus on prevention as much as cure
  • both public and private systems
  • excellent health facilities and services
  • a skilled health workforce, and
  • a strong medical research ecosystem.

But we face some serious long-term health issues

  • Forty-five per cent of Australians aged 16-85 will experience a mental illness2
  • Delayed access to home care for our elderly and substandard care in many aged care facilities
  • Half of our population living with a chronic condition, many linked to lifestyle factors3
  • Indigenous Australians have poorer health than the rest of the community
  • Implementation problems with the NDIS are undermining support for many people with a disability
  • Family, domestic and sexual violence is the biggest threat to women aged 25-444

Therefore, we need clear long-term strategies for these issues, based on clinical evidence

  • Increased support for community-led mental health services
  • Flexible funding options for home care and more accountability and resources in aged care facilities
  • Strategies that encourage and support better lifestyle habits to prevent chronic conditions
  • Greater community ownership of indigenous health strategies
  • Continued improvement of the NDIS, including implementing the recommendations of the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Report5
  • Increased support for community-led family and domestic violence services and prevention strategies

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