Together we can create a positive future for Warringah.
Real action on climate change, a strong, modern economy and a better commute for all.

Business-friendly Economy

Support investment that boosts competition and innovation in a modern economy.
Tax cuts for small business and families.
Oppose Shorten's investment tax changes.

Improve our Commute

Support the tunnel, done right: future-proofed with clean public transport and a focus on environmental and health impacts on the community.
Focus on sensible planning that balances population and development.

Boost our Healthcare

Advocate for complete health: mental, social and physical.
Get real results on family and domestic violence, close the gap for indigenous communities and support LGBQT+.

Effective Climate Strategy

Lower your power bills with renewable energy.
Support investment in innovation and clean technologies to develop Australia's future economy.

Dear Warringah,

I am truly honoured to be your new voice in Parliament. This was a contest of old ideas versus sensible progress and a safer future for our children and generations to come.
You have voted for a cleaner future. I pledge to be a climate leader and work hard for you and find solutions to our climate and energy wars.
I thank and commend the Honourable Tony Abbott, who has dedicated 25 years to us as our local member for his service to our community.
No matter your postcode, background, gender, sexual preference or political view, I will strive to improve your way of life and deliver results.
In doing so, I am committed to ushering in a new more positive era for our local community.
A new era that supports a progressive economy that rewards local businesses and families, supports innovation and jobs, and creates more equal career opportunities for all.
A new era where I will push for real longterm action on climate change that focuses on renewable energy, clean transport, job transition plans and an orderly retirement of coal.
A new era where I will pursue honesty and respect in government, truth in political advertising and fight against corruption and vested interests in politics.
In health, I will work for increased support and improvements for community-based mental health services, aged care that promotes independence and wellbeing, and continued improvements to the NDIS - something that many families are desperately calling for.
We need to close the gap with our First Nations people.
Locally, I will work to protect and enhance our environment, support nationally significant industry hubs - for example in the creative industries and clean energy technologies - and put arts and culture back on the policy agenda, creating more opportunities for emerging local artists.
This election campaign saw people in Warringah, many who had never participated in a campaign before, form an amazing team and community. I want this to continue. We are stronger by being together and supporting one another.
I have always loved living in Warringah and raising my kids here. Australia is the lucky country and we have a very special corner of it here in Warringah. Together, let’s make it the best it can be.
Let’s get started,