Myth Busting

My campaign team

As an independent and a champion, I put together a winning team with experience from both sides of politics. Conservatives and climate deniers are desperate not to talk about real issues that matter to Warringah and Australia. We should be talking about policy, not about my team.


Do I support Labor's changes to franking credits?

I do not support the proposed changes. They are divisive and unfairly single out self-funded retirees, in particular people with self-managed super funds, who have followed the guidelines and set up their investment strategies accordingly.


This will unfairly move the goalposts and have a huge impact on a significant number of Australians.


Am I a Getup candidate?

No. Getup decided to focus on the Warringah electorate 6 months ago because of Tony Abbott being a climate change denier. 


Is Getup funding your campaign?

No I haven't received one cent from Getup. 


"She has never voted Liberal"

I have voted Liberal at State and Local elections but I have never voted for Tony Abbott. What matters to me are the issues at stake, the policy proposals and the integrity of the candidate.


Why is she not running as a Liberal candidate?

The Liberal party preselection has been shown to be completely flawed. I don't support hidden agendas within the big parties. As an independent, I want to be answerable to the Warringah electorate and not beholden to major party donors or powerbrokers.