Research Grants

Coronavirus Research Response

This grant allows Australian researchers to continue to understand the longer-term impacts of COVID-19 on patients.

Stream 1: Study individuals that have tested positive for COVID-191 to improve understanding of the long-term health impacts of COVID-19.

Stream 2: Conduct clinical trials to generate evidence on how individuals or populations with immunocompromising conditions respond to COVID-19 vaccination, to inform vaccine schedules.

Stream 3: Conduct clinical trials to generate knowledge on the efficacy of vaccine schedules that combine different COVID-19 vaccines.

The top-ranked project/s in each stream will be funded until the total available funding is reached.

For this grant opportunity, an application may be submitted to one of the above three streams only.  Applicants must specify the stream to which they are applying in their application.

There is no maximum grant amount but grants cannot exceed available funds.

Closes 4 August 2021

For grant guidelines, please click here.