Research Grants

Ideas Grants

This grant supports innovative research projects that address a specific question.  Early and mid-career researchers in any area of health and medical research are asked to apply.

The amount of funding for an Ideas Grant is based on an assessment of the requested budget.

Closes 5 May 2021

For grant guidelines, please click here.

Synergy Grants

The objective of the Synergy Grant scheme is:

  • to support outstanding multidisciplinary teams of investigators to work together to answer major questions that cannot be answered by a single investigator.

The intended outcomes of the Synergy Grant scheme are:

  • multidisciplinary research that addresses major problems in all areas of human health and medical research, from discovery to translation
  • highly collaborative teams of diverse researchers including by gender, career stage and cultural background, working together to address major problems in human health

Closes 21 April 2021

For grant guidelines, please click here.


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