Research Grants

2020 Bushfire Impact Research Grant Opportunity (GO3529)

The objective of this grant is to link researchers, institutions, policymakers and professional associations together to gather evidence on the physiological and mental health effects of bushfires and exposure to hazardous smoke over time. 

Applications under Stream 1 of this grant opportunity must address evidence gaps related to the physiological effects of prolonged exposure to the 2019-20 bushfire events and hazardous bushfire smoke. 

Applications under Stream 2 of this grant opportunity must address evidence gaps related to building mental health resilience following the 2019-20 bushfire events and exposure to hazardous bushfire smoke. 

Applications will only be accepted from NHMRC-approved Administering Institutions. A list is available by clicking here.

The total grant amount is $5 million.

Closes 31 January 2020

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Linkage Research Projects (GO3426)

The Linkage Program promotes national and international research partnerships between researchers and business, industry, community organisations and other publicly funded research agencies. By supporting long-term strategic research partnerships, the Australian Research Council encourages alliances that solve problems, acquire new knowledge and allow the transfer of skills and ideas as a basis for securing commercial benefits of research.

The Linkage Projects scheme objectives are to:

  • support long-term strategic research alliances between higher education organisations and industry/business and other research end-users, in order to apply advanced knowledge to problems
  • provide opportunities for internationally competitive research projects to be conducted in collaboration with organisations outside the higher education sector
  • enhance the scale and focus of research in Australian Government priority areas.

The intended outcomes of the Linkage Projects scheme are:

  • the growth of a national pool of world-class researchers to meet the needs of the broader Australian innovation system
  • economic, commercial, environmental, social and/or cultural benefits for Australia.
Closes 1 December 2020


Kidney Disease (GO2802)

This grant provides for the care and support of patients, families and carers of those with kidney disease, as well as health professional education and improvements in research. The grant amount is $250, 000 to $700, 000 with a total pool of $2.25 million.  

Closes 13 February 2020

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Research into ME/CFS (GO3105)

This grant is for approved NHMRC Administering Institutions. It aims to:

  • help these organisations develop a scientifically valid, evidence-based understanding of the pathophysiology and aetiology of ME/CFS and the way it impacts on the physical, social and psychological wellbeing of affected people
  • identify approaches that will assist patients presenting with symptoms of ME/CFS to be accurately diagnosed, including the identification of potential biomarkers to facilitate effective management and treatment.

Up to $3 million is available.

Closes 29 January 2020

Program Guidelines


Traumatic Brain Injury Grant Opportunity (GO3523)

This grant will support clinical research that improves knowledge about the personalisation of care after traumatic brain injury (TBI) and its translation into practice.

Some examples of the research that can be funded through this grant opportunity include (but are not limited to):

  • identifying clinical biomarkers that are prognostic of outcomes
  • novel imaging technologies and methods that could be used for prognostic purposes
  • understanding genetic factors that impact outcomes
  • investigating the novel use of artificial intelligence on administrative or other data collections to assist clinical decision making.

The expected outcome of the research is innovative diagnostic and prognostic methods that facilitate longer-term advances in TBI treatment and drive improvements in health and social outcomes for patients and the people around them.

Applications will only be accepted from NHMRC approved Administering Institutions. A list can be found by clicking here.    

An estimated grant value of  $1,000,000.00 to $2,000,000.00 with a maximum of $5 million.

Closes 4 March 2020

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Stem Cell Therapies Grant Opportunity (GO3505)

This grant provides $150 million over 10 years from 2019-20 to support stem cell research to deliver innovative, safe and effective treatments.

The objective is to prime teams working on ‘proof of concept’ stem cell research targeted towards a health care outcome. Funding for such priming programs will target two priority areas aimed at driving innovation and accelerating implementation into clinical practice:

  • Stem cell therapies
  • New treatments using human tissues made from stem cells.

Applications will only be accepted from NHMRC-approved Administering Institutions. A list of NHMRC-approved Administering Institutions is available by clicking here.

Grant amount: $6 million

Closes 4 March 2020

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Pain Management - Health Practitioner Education Strategy (GO2811)

This grant supports the delivery of pain management education and training across a broad range of health practitioner disciplines. Development of the education strategy will ensure that health professionals have access to, and are appropriately supported in, providing effective evidence-based management and care of patients affected by chronic pain.

Grant amount: $500, 000

Closes 27 February 2020

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