Small Business Grants

There are a series of small business grants available under the headings below.


Apprenticeships Incentives


$4000 for employers who employee a new apprentice

All eligible employers who take on a new apprentice (Certificate III or higher), regardless of the occupation, will be able to claim $1,500 when the apprentice reaches the six month point and claim a further $2,500 when they complete their apprenticeship.


Where the apprentice is an existing employee, the employer will only be able to claim the incentive if the apprentice is working in an area of national skill need.


A $750 incentive, however, will be available to employers if they take on an apprentice who has had to leave their previous employer part way through an apprenticeship.


On top of this, eligible employers can access three additional incentives:


  • a further $1,500 over the life of an apprenticeship if the apprentice is an Australian School-based Apprentice or working in a rural or regional area
  • a further $4,000, paid at the twelve month point, if the apprentice is aged 21 years or older and working towards an occupation on the National Skills Needs List; and
  • a further $1,500 over the life of an apprenticeship if the apprentice is a disadvantaged worker aged 45 years and over.


For more information on all apprenticeship incentives, go to  or call 1300 363 831 for Australian Apprenticeship Support Network – helping employers with incentives for apprentices.


Short-term new technology development


Short-term industry-led collaborations to develop new technologies, products and services. This grant can be used for research, education, internships, conferences, training/workshops - up to 50% of the project value.

The goal is to:

  • improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries, especially where Australia has a competitive strength.
  • foster high quality research to solve industry-identified problems.
  • encourage small and medium businesses to  participate in collaborative research.


For more information, email or visit


Small Business Cyber Security

Small businesses with 19 or fewer employees can have their cyber security tested for up to 50% of the cost.


It’s been estimated that cybercrime costs Australians over $1 billion a year. Approximately one in five small businesses report that they have been the target of a cyberattack.


Grants up to $2,100 will be provided to small businesses for up to 50 per cent of the cost of a certified small business health check that determines your business risk and the areas that need attention. Grant funding is available for a micro, small or standard certified small business health check. These health checks are essentially the same, but vary in price depending on the number of devices that are tested.


Grants are awarded on a first-come first-served basis. The program will close when funding is fully committed.


Visit or call 13 28 46 or email

CREST small business website


Entrepreneurs’ Programme – Accelerating Commercialism

This grant offers to fund expert guidance to help businesses sell novel products and innovative processes.  It covers 50% of the expenditure.


If you have a novel product, process or service that you are looking to commercialise and trade to customers outside of your state or territory, you can get access to a range of services for up to two years, including:


  • An experienced advisor who will guide you on your commercialisation options and project objectives.
  • Connections with entrepreneurs, investors, channel partners and domain specialists.
  • An expert network to help you make important business connections, raise capital and enter new markets.
  • Exposure to investors and international partners at domestic and international roadshows and events.
  • Membership to the Accelerating Commercialisation Portfolio. This gives you access to exclusive networking and promotion opportunities.





Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

This fund helps manufacturers modernise and adopt new technologies to create jobs.  Modernisation can include technology upgrades, efficiency upgrades and energy optimisation that will allow small-medium businesses with up to 199 employees to produce new products or diversify into new markets.  The goal is to create jobs and a more highly skilled workforce in the manufacturing sector.


A total of $20M is available for matched grants of between $50, 000 - $100, 000 for small and medium sized businesses.  $30M is available for larger grants of $100, 000-$1M for transformative investments in technologies and processes.


Eligible activities include (among other activities):

·         Buying, constructing or commissioning manufacturing plant equipment or software.

·         Training that assists you in integrating new technology into your business.

·         Design and engineering

·         Fit-out, alterations and extensions to buildings related to capital investment.


For more information, or visit


Wine export grant

This grant helps small/medium businesses to secure new distribution channels and export wine to China, Hong Kong, Macau, USA.


Grants of up to $25, 000 are available for 50% of the eligible costs.

If you have any questions, please contact Wine Australia, Wine Export Grants, (08) 8228 2000 Email: