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Spread the word CLIMATE ACT NOW

21 February, 2020

We live in a beautiful country and it’s only natural that we want to safeguard it for future generations. But this summer’s bushfires demonstrated that in order to do that, we need a plan in place to prepare for climate change.

Last week the Climate Change Bill was launched, calling for sensible plans to safeguard our homes, our well being, our economy and our environment from the impacts of the changing climate.
The framework of the Bill is to ensure:

  1.  A Positive response to the challenges of climate change that is transparent and effective, and that pursues new opportunities, generational equity and just transitions
  2. National plans for adapting to a changing climate, so that the different parts of our continent and economy can respond positively to changing physical conditions and international policies
  3. National plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to meet emissions reduction targets that align with scientific imperatives and State government and international commitments, and
  4. Transparent monitoring, reporting and accountability for national adaptation planning and emission reduction actions, with an independent Climate Change Commission (CCC) to advise Government and Parliament.

I am now contacting you to ask for your support signing the petition that calls for a Climate Change Bill on our website The website has attracted over 41,000 signatures but more support is needed.
Together we can galvanise the nation for sensible climate policy by signing the petition and sharing it with your network of family, friends and colleagues.

There are also many other ways you can help amplify the message by writing to your local MP (probably more important for people living outside Warringah); encouraging your friends and family outside Warringah to contact their federal MP; writing to your local media; calling in to your local radio station; and sharing support on social media. See for all the other ways in which you can help.

Australia desperately needs a Climate Change Bill. We’re lagging far behind many other countries that have already enacted such a Bill such as the UK (2008), New Zealand (2019), Sweden (2017), Norway (2017), Denmark and France (2019).
Our long-term safety and prosperity should be a matter of principle which is why I am calling for bipartisan support and a conscience vote.

My team and I have been meeting and engaging with as many business, environment and stakeholder groups as possible to garner their support.

We have so far attracted support from a range of business groups and organisations including:

I would be honoured if you can join us.

This is an opportunity for every Australian concerned about climate change to be part of the solution.

As I said in my first speech, I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. If everyone takes that approach, we can do anything.