Zali's Grant Survey

Undoubtedly, these are tough times.  In this uncertain period and as we cautiously enter the recovery phase, it will be essential to distribute grant money broadly and fairly amongst everyone in our community. 

Our goal is to ensure a grants process that is based on integrity and transparency, with a diversity of funding allocation at the heart.  We would appreciate you taking 3 minutes to complete our survey to help us to help you make the grant application process easier.

To complete our survey, PLEASE CLICK HERE. (In the survey, please click on the navy button at the bottom of each page to continue through to the end of the 13 question survey.  Thank you).

Remember, we are here to help.  Please don't hesitate to contact Zali's Grants Officer.


Feel free to forward this link to others inside or outside your organisation who might be in need of federal funding support:




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