As Good as My Word

As Good as My Word

What has Zali done for locals?

Zali’s team have increased community grants to $131m

Zali’s team has helped local groups and individuals apply for and win a record 454 grants worth $131 million to date. They’ve also called for increased government support for local businesses affected by COVID.

Zali has met with over 910 individuals, groups and businesses to hear how to best represent them

As a member of the Harbour Trust Community Advisory Committee, Zali ensured it remained in Commonwealth hands to preserve North and Middle Head Sanctuaries. After listening to local concerns, she introduced the bill to stop PEP-11 and any future offshore gas and petroleum drilling off our beaches.

Zali’s team have handled over 19,500 cases to date

Cases are when Zali’s team assists a constituent with queries or problems. Assistance ranges from helping with NDIS and aged care plans and assessments through to tax and visa processing or appeals.

Zali’s team have assisted Warringah residents through Covid

This includes assisting over 300 Warringah residents with urgent travel permits to leave Australia during the pandemic, liaising with the Government and the community to provide adequate federal quarantine arrangements and a faster rollout of the vaccine.

What has Zali done for the Economy?


Secured over $130m in grants for Warringah businesses and not-for-profits

Grants to Warringah this term totalled $131m significantly increasing its share of grants from the previous parliament and outshining neighbouring electorates.


Advocated for increased and targeted support for local businesses during COVID-19 lockdowns

By working in close collaboration with Mosman, Manly and Warringah Chambers of Commerce.


Consistently worked with the Business Council of Australia, AIG, ACOSS and COSBOA

And promoted policies to help business.


Helped pass the Class Action Bill in the House of Reps

Which improves benefits sharing from class actions for everyday Australians.


Hosted an online Business forum in partnership with the ATO

And helped local businesses take full advantage of COVID recovery opportunities.


Elevated the challenges faced by industries to Government

Including travel and hospitality, arts and entertainment, to manufacturing and financial services.

What has Zali done for the Climate?


Introduced the Climate Change Bill

This built national consensus for legislating Net Zero by 2050 and climate action more broadly. The Bill received endorsement from BCA, ACTU, AMA and others.


Opposed public money being used to fund the fossil fuel industry

By moving amendments to several bills as well as moving a disallowance motion to cancel the Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program which is an oil and gas program in the Northern Territory.


Hosted a COP26 Climate Forum

With Canva Co-founder, Cameron Adams and Unilever ANZ CEO, Nicole Sparshott discussing, the Government’s policies and how business is act.


Co-convened the Parliamentary Friends of Climate Action

And hosted numerous summits on a range of topics including electric vehicles and the health impacts of global warming.


Instigated an Auditor-General audit

Into the Government’s Underwriting New Generator Investments (UNGI) program which supports gas fired generation.


What has Zali done to improve Equality?





What has Zali done for the Local Environment?

What has Zali done to improve Integrity?

What has Zali done for Warringah's Health?