Together we can create a positive future for Warringah.
Real action on climate change, a strong, modern economy and a better commute for all.

Business-friendly Economy

Support investment that boosts competition and innovation in a modern economy.
Tax cuts for small business and families.
Oppose Shorten's investment tax changes.

Improve our Commute

Support the tunnel, done right: future-proofed with clean public transport and a focus on environmental and health impacts on the community.
Focus on sensible planning that balances population and development.

Boost our Healthcare

Advocate for complete health: mental, social and physical.
Get real results on family and domestic violence, close the gap for indigenous communities and support LGBQT+.

Effective Climate Strategy

Lower your power bills with renewable energy.
Support investment in innovation and clean technologies to develop Australia's future economy.

Climate action

A smart economy

Honest politics

Your vote can make this happen

The energy in Warringah is incredible. I'm so grategul to the 2,571 people who have given their time and donations, and the many more who've supported me with posters and banners outside their homes.
Thank you.
For everyone, I'm ready to take real action on climate change. I'm ready to build a smarter economy with tax cuts for families and small business, while opposing Labor's investment tax changes.
You've received a lot of false advertising about me in recent times. It's not true. I pledge to represent Warringah and be true to the policies I've campaigned on. It's time for integrity and honesty in politics.
This campaign has made history. Now let's be the change we want to see.

Zali Steggall OAM