Integrity & Trust

Stand up for integrity and accountability to restore trust in Australian politics

Let’s bring integrity and accountability back into Australian politics by supporting a strong Federal Integrity Commission, stopping misleading political advertising. Let’s ensure that public funds are fairly invested in projects that stand up to scrutiny and deliver public value and long-term sustainability.

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  • Ensure scrutiny and accountability of Federal Politics

    By supporting the establishment of a national integrity commission with real powers and a professional Code of Conduct for Parliamentarians.

  • Raise the standards of Australian political debate

    By preventing misleading and deceptive political advertising.

  • Build merit-based policies based on expert recommendations and evidence

    By reducing the influence of vested interest and big money in politics and the public service.

  • Encourage more long-term approaches to policy

    By looking beyond the election cycle and advocating for fixed four-year terms of Government.

  • Support a strong, safe and independent media environment

    By increasing funding to the ABC and supporting factual, unbiased reporting and Australian content. Updating regulatory frameworks to evolve with the media landscape.

As good as my word

I was elected by the people of Warringah to stand up for integrity. Here’s what I’ve done.

And called on the Prime Minister to make good on his 2018 promise to establish the commission.

And voted with integrity to represent and serve the interest of the people of Warringah.

A bill that targets misleading and deceptive political advertising.

That affect our community, our business and our environment and take expert scientific advice on all matters.

Advocated to reverse funding cuts to the ABC and SBS. Supported actions by friends of the ABC to raise the profile of ABC funding.