Champion Equality

Celebrate diversity for communities and businesses to thrive

A strong economy relies on valuing and respecting diversity of skills, talents and experience. Let’s fight for equity and human rights to ensure everyone is empowered to be active and visible.

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  • Improve female workforce participation and pay equity

    By making parental leave fair and accessible to men and women, improving access and affordability of childcare and driving gender equity tax reforms.

  • Promote safer and more respectful workplaces

    By demanding full implementation of the Respect@Work Report recommendations to reduce sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace

  • Improve women’s safety and security

    By increasing crisis accommodation in Warringah, and working to combat domestic violence, bullying and intimidation.

  • Fight for an end to indefinite detention for refugees

    By expanding Australia’s humanitarian intake and exploring all options to resettle asylum seekers and refugees including the New Zealand deal.

  • Work to address housing affordability and security

    By exploring policies to increase affordable housing supply especially for critical workers and young Australians.

  • Ensure better recognition and support for diverse and underrepresented groups within the community

    By increasing education and access to services.

As good as my word

I was elected by the people of Warringah to champion inclusion. Here’s what I’ve done.

And their families by working with key advocates, the Government and Defence force.

This led to the Government introducing and passing similar legislation – the Sex Discrimination and Fair Work (Respect at Work) Amendment Bill 2021 that ensures sexual harassment is prohibited in all public life.

And reduce the cost of early childhood education.

And supported Amnesty International’s #GameOver initiative to end indefinite detention of refugees.

To ensure that the rights of witnesses to access statements and submissions were protected in legislation.