Modern healthcare

Keep our communities healthy and connected

Let’s create modern, convenient and affordable healthcare, that can scale and adapt to pandemic challenges and keep Australia open for business. Let’s prioritise local support for mental health and higher standards in aged care.

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  • Advocate for responsible and proportional responses to Covid

    By listening to epidemiologists and business, acting on their advice and increasing funding and support for essential frontline workers.

  • Improve mental health services nationally and in Warringah

    By prioritising mental health funding and ensuring availability of essential youth mental health facilities.

  • Modernise and increase channels to access healthcare

    By expanding telehealth and other digital health services.

  • Increase quality of care in aged care

    By implementing the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission, supporting flexible funding options for home care, and increasing accountability and resources in aged care facilities.

  • Improve access for NDIS participants and providers

    By seeking efficiencies and reducing red tape in accessing NDIS.


As good as my word

I was elected by the people of Warringah to support good health policy. Here’s what I’ve done.

And improved care for older and disabled Australians in the electorate.

From requiring increased testing facilities during lockdowns, better vaccination access to mental health support for Year 12 students.

Helped 60 people gain exemptions to enter the country, 50 stranded Australians return, and 50 people to gain visas and citizenship and introduced a petition for parents to be considered immediate family.

And brought in experts in the field and Government departments to speak directly to constituents about their needs and answer questions about policy changes.

By presenting a petition to Parliament calling for the NDIS to be available to those over the age of 65.