New Economy

Set up a dynamic economy to help local business succeed through innovation, inclusion and sustainable growth

Let’s work for a future-focused circular economy, where small business can thrive and where innovation and inclusion are embraced. Let’s invest in new ideas and sustainability.

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  • Support inclusive and sustainable growth

    By focusing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices.

  • Unleash innovation

    By supporting research and development, new skills for the workforce and a new technology commercialisation fund.

  • Build back better from COVID-19

    By supporting local businesses through a recovery package for affected industries, cutting taxes and regulations, and providing low interest and income contingent loans.

  • Return to budget discipline

    By ensuring Government programs are rigorously assessed based on clear key performance indicators with transparent reporting.

  • Promote a circular economy

    By supporting innovative approaches to supply chains and waste management.

As good as my word

I was elected by the people of Warringah to support the economy. Here’s what I’ve done.

Which improves benefits sharing from class actions for everyday Australians.

with Warringah significantly increasing its share of grants from the previous parliament and outshining neighbouring electorates

Helped local businesses take full advantage of COVID recovery opportunities.

By working in close collaboration with Mosman, Manly and Warringah Chambers of Commerce.

Including travel and hospitality, arts and entertainment, to manufacturing and financial services.