Local Environment

Keep Warringah beautiful and protect our way of life

Our local natural environment is part of who we are and has sustained us through the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s actively work to preserve and protect it for the sake of our health, local economy and future generations.

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  • Inspire local action to tackle emissions reduction

    By taking up actions from Warringah’s ‘Roadmap to Zero.’

  • Protect our oceans, beaches and coast

    By opposing all offshore drilling for oil and gas.

  • Safeguard our flora, fauna and heritage

    By working with local community groups, trusts and conservation organisations, legislating stronger environment and heritage laws and facilitating access to grant money for environmental organisations.

  • Balance infrastructure development with the environment

    By incorporating better environmental protections in all development and advocating for strong environmental standards in legislation.

  • Stop packaging and plastic pollution

    By prohibiting single use plastics, developing new waste solutions, and supporting local and national initiatives to reduce waste.

As good as my word

I was elected by the people of Warringah to protect the local environment. Here’s what I’ve done.

including bushland regeneration, litter collection and seagrass maintenance.

Which would prevent oil and gas drilling off Manly, Curl Curl and Freshwater.

By voting against two Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment Bills and moving amendments to strengthen protections.

Including with increased funding, resources, and stronger governance practices.

Elevating their environmental concerns to the Minister for Transport, along with a detailed submission to the environmental impact statement process.

And raised awareness about their environmental impact.