Parliament Updates

Introduced a bill to stop Petroleum Exploration Permit 11 (PEP11)

Which would prevent oil and gas drilling off Manly, Curl Curl and Freshwater.

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Petroleum Exploration Permit 11—known as PEP 11—covers 4,500 square kilometres of ocean, from Newcastle, through the Central Coast to Manly. The permit area exists adjacent to the coastal boundaries of Warringah. Many constituents have written to me with their concerns about PEP 11. Offshore oil and gas exploration and production through PEP 11 could have dire consequences for our ecosystems, tourism businesses, coastal communities and climate. Under no circumstances should it proceed.

PEP 11 is due to expire by next February, unless renewed. The project proponents, Advent Energy Ltd and Bounty Oil & Gas NL, are seeking a renewal of the permit and variation of the conditions to allow for exploratory drilling. I call on the minister and the government to reject the application to renew, and any move to vary the permit conditions.

I also wish to raise concerns on the governance of the current title administration system. There is no visibility or updates on the progress of existing applications on the NOPSEMA website. This is generating a high level of concern and anxiety in community members and it must be rectified. I say to the minister and to the government: coastal communities do not want gas platforms off their coast through PEP 11.