Report Misinformation

Misinformation, disinformation  and fake news are unfortunately a part of our daily lives, nowhere more so than in the political arena. That's why I have tabled the "Stop The Lies" Bill prohibiting misleading or deceptive political advertising.

This is an election year, so it is more important than ever to be on the lookout for misinformation that is designed to mislead us and drive us apart instead of focussing on policies and values.

My pledge to you


This begins with all of us: I pledge that all my material is fact checked and focussed on policies and issues. If you receive something allegedly from me that doesn't 'look' right, please fact check it.  


Report Misinformation

Often misinformation lurks where we can't see it. Please warn your friends, family and broader networks to be alert to fake news and misinformation and report any you hear or see or receive to [email protected] 

Examples might include, fake flyers (flyers that look like they are from and authorised by me but at odds with my pledge to be positive and issue focussed), false statements, smears, lies, impersonation or misrepresentation. Please include a scan or photo of the misinformation and any other details (eg where and when you heard, read or received it). 

We will be compiling the information and reporting it where appropriate to the AEC or providing it to research projects such as the ABC's "Hidden Campaign" initiative. 

I am committed to a better way of doing politics. Together we can fight the virus of disinformation and fake news and restore the trust in politics.