Future-proofing our climate and our economy

Like the majority of our electorate, I believe it’s time Australia finally acted with conviction on climate change. For our children and grandchildren, we cannot just let things go as they are. So we must plan now, show strong leadership on climate change and build a strong economy for Australia’s future.
Let’s future-proof our economy and environment with responsible climate change policies, and take full advantage of the clean technology boom.

We know we must act to limit global warming

  • Global average temperatures have already risen by 1°C
  • We see climate and weather records being broken almost every year
  • ‘Once in a hundred year’ natural disasters are happening more frequently
  • Warringah is at risk of adverse climatic events such as coastal erosion, flooding and extreme heat
  • If global average temperatures rise beyond 1.5°C, we risk irreversible climate change, which will have serious and negative impacts on our economy, our health, our security and our environment.

However, our federal leadership is failing to manage our risks and pursue the opportunities

  • Our major parties treat climate change as a political football
  • As a result, our emissions have risen since 2012, when they were meant to have fallen
  • We're not on track to meet the Paris Agreement
  • And our energy prices are out of control, putting more pressure on businesses and individuals
  • Meanwhile, we are missing out on the massive investment and job opportunities in clean, affordable and reliable energy
  • And we’re not doing enough to make the positive changes needed in transport, industry, and agriculture.

So we must act positively –globally, nationally and locally

  • Globally, we must respect what the science is telling us, and be a genuine force for global action to limit global warming
  • Nationally, we must have an independent climate change body to guide policy to allow businesses and households to take full advantage of Australia’s world-leading renewable energy resources, and progress policies on clean transport, heavy industry, forestry and agriculture
  • Locally, we must ensure Warringah’s planning and infrastructure are adapting to a changing climate, support Warringah’s growing clean energy sector and set job-creating transition plans into action

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