Climate Leadership

Deliver the 5-step plan to Net Zero for Australia

Let’s focus on this 5-step plan making a smooth and sensible transition to a carbon neutral economy. It enables us to make the most of our natural advantages, while creating opportunities and well-paid, smart jobs.

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  • Provide a climate change framework to get to Net Zero

    By passing the Climate Change Bills which include strong legislated targets, emissions budgets, sector specific planning and broad consultation.

  • Transform Energy

    By committing to an orderly transition to 80% renewable energy by 2030, with no new coal or gas developments and increased energy efficiency in the building sector.

  • Clean-up Transport

    By supporting a minimum 76% target of new vehicle sales to be electric by 2030 with tax incentives, investment in charging networks and improving emissions and fuel standards.

  • Modernise Industry

    By incentivising the production of green steel, green aluminium and green hydrogen for industry and establishing a transition fund to support communities.

  • Regenerate Australia and Future-proof Agriculture

    By rolling out tree planting and soil carbon sequestration and investment in low carbon agricultural practices and innovative technologies.

Roadmap to Zero

Championed the Roadmap to Zero with effective ways for Warringah residents to cut their household emissions and bills. Since the election, solar power generated in Warringah has doubled, hundreds of homes have switched to clean energy providers and many of our local schools have installed solar power or switched to a clean energy provider.

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As good as my word

I was elected by the people of Warringah to champion climate policy solutions. Here’s what I’ve done.

Into the Government’s Underwriting New Generator Investments (UNGI) program which supports gas-fired generation.

With Canva Co-founder, Cameron Adams and Unilever ANZ CEO, Nicole Sparshott discussing, the Government’s policies and how businesses act.

And hosted numerous summits on a range of topics including electric vehicles and the health impacts of global warming.

This built national consensus for legislating Net Zero by 2050 and climate action more broadly. The Bill received endorsement from BCA, ACTU, AMA and others.

By moving amendments to several bills as well as moving a disallowance motion to cancel the Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program which is an oil and gas program in the Northern Territory.