We want to empower everyone to contribute to reducing our waste and emissions.
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Understanding Your Emissions


Let's Get Started

Let's Create a Plan for Positive Change.

We have been calling for the government to come up with a plan. If we are calling for it nationally, let's work it out locally.
We’re focusing on seven sectors where we can make a difference: Energy, Transport, Waste, Food, Finance, Water & Other.
And we’re calling for businesses who can help us reduce emissions in these sectors to get involved and share their knowledge.
I am only one but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I believe that if everyone takes that approach, we can do anything!
Zali Steggall's First Speech, 24 July 2019
From small steps to big projects, join us to be part of the solution.

Snapshot of Warringah*

147,333 Residents

63,956 Households

3 Councils

1,500 Schools, Community Groups & Businesses

Emissions in Australia

Emissions contribution in Australia by sector. Households make up around 20% of Australia's total emissions.
The estimated emissions of a general household in Australia.
"The road map to zero is a perfect way for locals like me to feel they're contributing to a better world. I'm very keen to be involved."
Kat, Queenscliff
“This is such a significant issue that will affect all parts of our lives. It's hard to know where to start in order to make an impact. The Road Map is a useful way I can to take ownership over this issue.”
Simon, Manly

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* Sourced from ABS 2016 Census.

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