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We want to empower everyone to contribute to the solution for reducing our waste and emissions in Warringah. Select your category and simply pick a sector to find out more.
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While we would love you to re-consider the way you do things and the things you buy, the roadmap does not want to encourage you to throw out what you have. Please make the best use of the things you already have, but when it comes time to replace them, be aware of and consider the impact your new choices will make.
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The government missed an opportunity to stimulate the move to a low carbon future
with its October 2020 Budget. But businesses can supercharge a green recovery
using the government's own measures. The biggest single measure in the budget,
worth an estimated $26.7 billion, is focused on encouraging businesses to invest
freely through full asset write-offs. This is an opportunity for businesses to
supercharge Australia's transition to net zero emissions.

The tax incentives include:
• the temporary full expensing measure—the largest single line item in the budget
• instant asset write-offs, and
• the extension of the research and development tax incentive.
These incentives total an investment opportunity of nearly $30 billion, according
to the Treasury estimates.

For more information go to Green Recovery - Zali Steggall



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