My Voting Record 47th Parliament

My Voting Record 47th Parliament

How I vote

As an independent, I consider each legislation on its merits and seek to represent the views of the Warringah community. When I evaluate proposed legislation, I follow this process:

  1. The drafting or technical aspects of proposed legislation
    Is it good at law and does it represent good governance? Is it constitutionally sound?
  2. Intended effects and the evidence in support of the legislation
    What does this seek to do? Is the evidence base rigorous? Is this legislation necessary?
  3. Effect on Warringah
    How will the legislation affect Warringah and Australia? Is this good for the future of the community?
  4. Community views and feedback
    What are the views expressed in submissions from individuals, groups and organisations? What are the subject matter experts saying? What does relevant business think? What is the legal profession’s position?
  5. Ethics of the bill
    Is it ethical? Is it compatible with human rights and international law?

Finally, I also consider the way the legislation has been drafted and presented.

  1. Has there been consultation? Drafts circulated? Briefings?
  2. Has the bill had sufficient time for debate? Has it been properly scrutinised?
  3. What are the politics behind the bill?

My voting record

Over 80% of legislation passes the final approval point in the House of Representatives without a vote (known as the third reading). This is known as passing on the voices.

I have separated out Conscience Votes in the table below, they are rare so I will list them, the first sitting had a conscience vote on the Restoring Territory Rights Bill 2022 which restored the rights of the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory to legislate for assisted dying if their respective legislative assemblies table and pass such legislation.

Voting record correct as at 16 December 2022