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Zali Steggall releases Climate Change Bill


10 February, 2020


Zali Steggall MP, crossbench colleagues and leaders in science, health, economics and agriculture released the Climate Change Bill that calls for a sensible and bipartisan approach to Australia’s response to climate change.

Climate Change (National Framework for Adaptation and Mitigation) Bill 2020 will be introduced as a private member’s Bill in March. The bill is supported by Professor Ross Garnaut (see below for his statement).

There is currently a petition online urging Australians to lobby their MP and call for a conscience vote on the Climate Change Bill.

"This Bill is a sensible and bipartisan approach to safeguarding Australia's future against the impacts of Climate Change,” Ms Steggall said. “The devastating fires that ripped through Australia over summer; the drought; and our deteriorating air pollution have shown how the impacts of climate change are a real threat to our way of life.”

“It is time to take the party politics out of climate policy. It is a matter of principle that we should all be committed to a safer future. I am urging for a conscience vote when I present the bill on March 23 as a Private Member's Bill. Now is the time for a rational approach to climate change."