Donation Disclosure Statement 2022

6 November

During the 2022 election campaign Zali Steggall OAM received 1,690 donations for which she was incredibly grateful. Zali would like to thank her many supporters for their donations both in the lead up to the 2022 election and in an ongoing capacity.

This support has helped Zali to represent Warringah’s voice in Parliament and deliver sensible solutions on the issues that are important to the Warringah community.

Zali’s 2022 Candidate Return reports:

  • 1,690 individual donations, totalling $888,279.

  • $768,323 of which was directed towards electoral expenditure.

  • The largest donation was $55,000. Received from a resident of Warringah.

Surplus funds were applied to the ongoing volunteer program and resourcing.

Warringah Independent Ltd was appointed by Zali as her agent to assist her 2022 campaign.

Warringah Independent Ltd in its own right, lodged an Associate Entity Return for the year ended 30 June 2022 disclosing receipts of $233,291. Included in this amount were donations of $28,825 for the Climate Act Now Campaign. The other receipts disclosed were related to transactions undertaken by Warringah Independent Ltd in its agent capacity.

Zali would like to also say a huge thank you to the army of incredible volunteers who supported her campaign as the Member for Warringah and continue to do so.  

All donations above the threshold are disclosed on the AEC Website. 

Note: Independent candidates have disclosed their candidate reports today, with minor parties to disclose in Feb 2023. 

For media requests call Tiffany Elvy on 0407 790 892