MEDIA RELEASE: Zali Steggall calls on PM to disendorse Liberal candidate after anti-trans rhetoric revealed

13 April 2022

Zali Steggall OAM, the Federal Independent Member for Warringah is calling on her Liberal opponent to be disendorsed after it was revealed she has made homophobic comments and has targeted transgender children in now deleted social media posts.

“The fact that she deleted her previous social media accounts shows that she knew just how toxic, ill-informed and offensive her comments and views were.”

“Her appalling and divisive comments were well known before the Prime Minister selected her, which begs the question – what did he already know? He either knew her views and selected her anyway, or he wasn’t properly informed and made a flawed decision. It’s either deliberately offensive or a sign of incompetence.”

Ms Steggall says the Prime Minister has no option but to abandon the candidate and disendorse her.

“Her personal selection as the Liberal candidate is a sad reflection on the moral compass of the Prime Minister” said Ms Steggall. “He made an appalling captain’s call and now should correct it by demonstrating some integrity and sacking her as a candidate”.

“The division she is creating and the hatred she is perpetrating is not consistent with the Warringah I know – our community is a caring, tolerant, inclusive place.”


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