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MEDIA RELEASE: Europe leads the way with ambitious targets, where is Australia?

22 April, 2021

Zali Steggall OAM MP says it is reassuring to see world leaders commit to ambitious targets and effective policies on Earth Day, but equally frustrating that Prime Minister Scott Morrison is not doing the same.

“On the eve of the Biden Summit, the European Union and the United Kingdom are leading the way. The provisional European Climate Law will lock into law a 55% reduction by 2030 on 1990 levels, while the UK will lock in 78% by 2035. This puts Australia’s meagre 26-28% target in stark relief,” Ms Steggall said.

“Whilst the Prime Minister says he wants to get to net zero ‘preferably’ by 2050, other countries are exceeding Australia with announcements of strong 2030 targets and net zero commitments. Australia needs to double the 2030 target to have a seat at the table.”

“There is a solution for the Government on the table, the Climate Change Bills,” she said. “In fact, the most ambitious action by the EU was the announcement that they will lock into law their 2030 target and net zero by 2050, as well as establishing an independent advisory body to guide policy. This is what I proposed with the Climate Change Bills in Australia.”

“We are in a global race to develop the industries of the future and Australia is not even at the starting line. Whilst our competitors are announcing bold targets, funding and policies to get there; Australia is trying to pretend it’s a world leader by offering piecemeal funding announcements of failed technologies.”

“More concerningly, the Government has not released the quarterly emissions data and current policy has Australia only reducing emissions by 22% by 2030. This is well short of where we need to be as climate impacts worsen rapidly.”

“The science is telling us that the world needs all levers to be pulled to address climate change, rather than a narrow focus on unproven technologies that have not delivered, such as carbon capture and storage. We have the technology already. We must rapidly decarbonise our electricity sector and from there electrify everything.”

“The funding commitments announced by the Prime Minister are less than 0.001% of GDP. Climate change is an issue that threatens us and our way of life. Our funding should be proportionate to that threat.”


The Climate Change Bill is currently before Parliamentary inquiry and is in its report phase. For more information go to                                                                                                                                                        

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