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MEDIA RELEASE: It’s time the Government addressed Australia’s woeful fuel standards

17 May, 2021

Zali Steggall MP says Australia has one of the worst fuel standards in the OECD and in many situations, Australia’s fuel would not be accepted in European countries because of its high levels of sulphur.  

“Unfortunately, Australia will continue to be exposed to the whims of fuel refinery operators and international markets as long as we are dependent on oil. We must address this dependency for our national security,” Ms Steggall said. 

“I do welcome the Morrison Government’s announcement today to bring forward measures by three years to address the sulphur content of our fuel from 2027 to 2024. However, the Government still hasn’t dealt with the aromatic content of the fuel and the need to increase the octane level from 91 to 95%. We are still 12 years behind Europe on these levels.  

“Australia desperately needs a transition plan away from oils and towards electric vehicles and other fuel sources. But when we see the Government spending millions on oil and none for EVs, it shows you where the Government’s priorities lie. 

“I call on the Government to outline earnest and effective policies to transition to EVs in an update to the future fuels strategy - only then can we be totally energy secure.”