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MEDIA RELEASE: Prime Minister Scott Morrison plays politics on our future

20 April, 2021

Zali Steggall MP has criticised Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s comments that Australia can’t achieve net zero in the ‘cafes, dinner parties and wine bars of our inner cities’, as returning to Abbott-era politics of dividing people and trivialising their concerns.

“Climate leadership is about bringing people together; being frank and honest about the economic and health threats posed by climate change; and accepting and relying on the science,” Ms Steggall MP said. “The Prime Minister’s comments that emission reductions don’t happen in the inner city is simply a return to the old Abbott-era politics of dividing people. And, it’s factually wrong. A recent UNEP Emissions Gap report found that two thirds of global emissions are influenced by the decisions we make as individuals.

“The Government clearly doesn’t want to have an honest conversation about targets and what they mean,” she said. “Being honest about net zero by 2050 means Australia must also significantly increase its 2030 targetDelaying deep emissions cuts until later will make action more costly and disruptive. At the current level of debt, of almost $700 billion, delayed action is fiscally negligent,” she said.

Mr Morrison is focusing on regional blue-collar mining and industry votes and taking for granted everyone else at his own peril - especially inner-city voters of traditionally safe Liberal seats. This is a deliberate push to divide city and regional voters as well as white collar and blue-collar workers; something the Prime Minister did not do on COVID-19. 

“Business and investors cannot make long-term decisions on waffle. Technology needs targets, and business needs targets. The Government needs to legislate net zero with the Climate Change Bills I tabled in Parliament.

The Climate Change Bill is currently before Parliamentary inquiry and is in its report phase. For more information go to

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