Motion for health impacts and climate change

Motion for health impacts and climate change

I am moving a motion in the House calling on the government to recognise that man-made climate change is one of the biggest and most urgent health threats to children.

Together with peak health bodies that are supporting a national health campaign “No Time for Games” that acknowledges the health impacts of climate change that includes:

  • Heat related illnesses and death due to increased temperatures
  • Respiratory diseases and death related to burning fossil fuels
  • Deadly hyperallergenic conditions like thunderstorm asthma


We are seeing unprecedented fires raging across northern New South Wales and Queensland. We have shocking drought across the eastern seaboard, devastating local communities and farmers, years of record breaking heat bearing down on our country, and noxious emissions blanketing our communities.


These events are causing terrible health impacts which are going to get more severe as the world continues to warm. The time is now to call on the Federal government to act quickly and decisively.


I will move the motion, seconded by Helen Haines that will urge the government to reduce the health impacts by de-carbonising by 2050, which will decrease the incidence of extreme temperatures and more severe weather events.



If you support action being taken, please sign this petition.


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