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National Integrity Commission urgently needed following Leppington Triangle revelations


National Integrity Commission urgently needed following Leppington Triangle revelations

Zali Steggall OAM MP is renewing her call for a National Integrity Commission after the Auditor General found that the Government paid 10 times the fair value for the Leppington Triangle property owned by a Liberal Party donor.  

“Paying nearly $30 million for a property estimated by everyone else to be worth not more than $3 million does not inspire confidence in the economic management of this Government,” she said. 

“Allegedly, the Minister wasn’t told how much the Government were paying for the property, and he didn’t even think to ask officials in the briefing. 

“After the sale in 2018 for nearly $30 million, the property was leased back to the seller based on a value of only $920,000. In circumstances where the owner is a donor of the Liberal Party, and the Minister overseeing the Department conducting the transaction is a Liberal, this raises questions of corruption. 

“This deal fails the integrity test. It deserves a deeper look, only there is no body to investigate it. 

“This Government has twice been presented with a strong bill to create a National Integrity Commission, passed by the Senate but the Coalition won't even debate it in the House. 

“The Bill for the creation of a National Integrity Commission is still there on the Notice Paper for the House of Representatives, I call on the Attorney General to pick it up and put it to a vote. 

“The Coalition went to the last election promising to bring a National Integrity Commission but we are yet to see their model.

“How many more scandals need to occur before someone takes responsibility.”