Roadmap Water

Roadmap-To-Zero logo Water Checklist
  • Stay aware of water restriction status and follow all Sydney Water requirements
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  • Collect water in buckets for gardens when coastal rain is forecast
  • Fill reusable bottles with water and refrigerate as to not run a tap until water cools in summer
  • Use the Sydney Water water saving tip guides
  • Wash up in a smaller plastic tub and put the waste water on the garden
  • Put a bucket in your shower and collect the cold water before you get in, then use it to water your garden
  • Buy a shower timer and reduce the length of your shower and buy a water saving shower head
  • When replacing plants, plant native/drought tolerant plants and turfs
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  • Fix leaky taps which can lose thousands of litres of water every year
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  • Get involved or donate to the Murray-Darling River fund
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  • If you can't do all these things, plant a tree or invest in offset plants
  • Install rain tanks
  • Install a grey water system
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  • Install a smart drip irrigation system for your garden with a timer to keep to Level 2 water restrictions.
    Hero Actions
  • Establish public vegetable and herb gardens with irrigation to pool water intensive growing resources