Traffic and Transport in Warringah

14 October, 2020

Traffic congestion has been getting steadily worse in Warringah for over 25 years. My team and I recognised this and conducted the Warringah Traffic Survey from June to August this year. The results of the survey can be found below and I thank everyone who took part – there were some interesting results.

Meanwhile, on Friday 9 October, the State Government announced some broad and significant changes to our local bus routes. While I welcome the announcement of the rapid East-West bus route, some of the other changes the Government were less keen to publicise will have negative impacts on our community and directly contradict the wishes outlined in the survey responses. Some bus routes will run more frequently but others will be lost altogether. Some commuters will now be forced to get two buses to the city and some routes will be randomly changing their number. I’m concerned about many aspects of the changes, not just the erosion of services but how these changes are being communicated to the community – particularly those commuters who may have a disability or who speak a language other than English.  The proposed changes to our local bus routes can be found at the link below and scrolling to the very bottom of the page – “Local bus route changes”

On the same day, the State Government also announced that the iconic Manly Ferries would be removed from service in 2021 – replacing the Freshwater class ferries with smaller vessels. Again, I’m concerned about the erosion of services as well as Manly losing a much loved icon that is immensely popular with locals and tourists alike.

I encourage everyone to take a close look at the changes being proposed and put forward your concerns.

Please send your feedback to:
My office [email protected]

Your State Members:

            Manly – James Griffin MP: [email protected]

            North Shore – Felicity Wilson MP: [email protected]

            Wakehurst – The Hon. Brad Hazzard MP: [email protected]

It’s important that we have access to a reliable and efficient public transport system that provides a service to all of our community.

Link to Traffic Survey Results

Link to Transport NSW announcement on changes to bus routes on the Northern Beaches and Lower North Shore:

News on the Government announcement of ferries: