What are the challenges for working families in Warringah?

"We don't talk enough about childcare and how hard that is to juggle".


What are the biggest issues facing small to medium size businesses in Warringah?

"Training shortages, transport and distance to TAFE are just some of the challenges for businesses in Warringah".


How is Warringah's infrastructure?

"We need to do everything we can with infrastructure and traffic congestion to make it possible for people to get to the Northern Beaches".


What's important in a federal member for Warringah?

"It's important to have someone who can assess the issues on their merits and not just vote on party lines".


Representing women forum

"When women come together for a like-minded cause we really can change the world" April 29, The Steyne.


Women in parliament

"Women bring a different energy to business and work together differently".



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