Zali's Game Plan: The Monthly

6 November, 2019

By Paddy Manning

More than 11,000 scientists, including over 350 from Australia, have marked the 40th anniversary of the first international climate conference in Geneva to sign on to a climate-emergency declaration, warning that the world faces “untold suffering” if it does not finally act to urgently reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. That declaration will increase pressure on the Morrison government to allow a conscience vote on a climate-emergency declaration, which independent member for Warringah Zali Steggall is pushing for.

Last month, Steggall tabled the largest e-petition yet received by the Australian parliament, instigated by 23-year-old Sydney resident Noah Bell. In a recent interview in her electorate office, Steggall said that the climate crisis should be above partisan politics: “I do feel strongly that we need to get away from this idea that, once in, backbenchers are only ever there for the parties. There are certain issues that need to transcend that, and I believe this is one of them.”

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