Zali Steggall debates amendments to vaping reform

27 June 2024




Zali Steggall MP with other crossbenchers debate the amendments made to the Therapeutic Goods and Other Legislation Amendment (Vaping Reforms) Bill 2024. The Vaping Reforms bill was passed in the House of Representatives and was then sent to the Senate to be voted on. In the Senate, crossbenchers amended this bill to water it down and significantly reduce its power to prevent people from accessing vaping products. The amended legislation then got sent back to the House of Representatives to be voted on. Zali Steggall, along with other members of the crossbench in the House of Representatives, had many concerns with the amendments made in the Senate. This video shows the debate that ensued with the Health Minister, and the concerns that were raised. The amended legislation went to a vote, where the Labour Party and the Greens voted together to pass this legislation. It is important to note that the Coalition did not participate in this debate.