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Zali Steggall MP says Technology Roadmap takes a wrong turn


Zali Steggall MP says the Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap is insufficient to drive the emissions reduction Australia needs.

“The Government is taking us on a detour,” she said. “The Roadmap is not the most efficient or economic way of reducing emissions, and not the way that delivers the most jobs.”

“There is no net zero goal in this announcement, and the Government won’t commit to such a goal because they know their current policy won’t get us there. Despite all the science indicating we need to get there ASAP.”

“This is not a roadmap, but a historical sightseeing tour of technologies like carbon capture and storage, that have cost a lot and delivered little.”

“We know what is delivering emissions reduction and that is renewables. Just last year the cost of renewables dropped by 26 per cent. They are the cheapest and most effective way of reducing emissions, but the Government has overseen a flatlining of investment that is likely to continue with this announcement.

“According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, renewable investment has fallen from $4.12 billion in 2018 to just $549 million this year - well short of what we need to transition away from coal and gas.”

“The Chief Scientist, who is guiding this roadmap, is letting Australia down. His role is to give the best independent advice available to deliver the goals of the Paris agreement - to stay well under two degrees. This Roadmap does not do that.”

“The major parties are failing Australia on climate policy. We need clear leadership to ensure we are not left behind the rest of the world.”

Zali Steggall MP is reintroducing the Climate Act Bill in November as a Private Member’s Bill that would set a net zero target by 2050 in law. See