Climate Change Bill Update

16 March, 2020

The developing situation with COVID-19 is presenting a challenge to our community and our nation, the scale of which we have never encountered before. It is right that this emerging health crisis take precedence at this time. Our leaders need to focus on best preparation and response and the public need to be focused on looking out for each other and their own personal wellbeing.

Given the situation, I have decided to defer presentation of the Climate Change Bill from Monday 23rd March to a later date. I will continue to advocate and lobby for the proposed legislation as it remains as important as ever to adapt to and mitigate against climate change, especially as we now experience first hand the disruptive impacts of global events on our health and economy.

Please stay well informed of advice from authorities, in particular, avoiding physical contact, large gatherings and being vigilant with thorough hand washing.

I remain as dedicated as ever to the need for our nation to take urgent and sensible action on Climate Change. This current health crisis demonstrates just how inter-connected our world is and there is real danger in disregarding science or in treating the environment with disdain.

The Climate Change Bill campaign will remain active and I will be continuing my discussions with all sides of politics about how we achieve a sensible plan for the future. Again, I appreciate the support offered by tens of thousands of people from across the nation, especially the passionate community groups in many electorates and the dedicated volunteers in Warringah. Stay Safe.