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Letter to the Treasurer: JobKeeper

7 April 2020


Following the announcement of the JobKeeper payment I wrote to the Treasurer highlighting concerns that the electorate had presented to me regarding the payment, the full letter can be found HERE.

I specifically asked the Treasurer to consider:

Pay as you go contractors including those employed in the arts and entertainment industry and casual employees who have worked for less than 12 months and those in dual income families, for these groups I proposed amending the measure whereby:
1. If an individual can demonstrate through their tax returns/contributions that
they have had consistent casual employment or PAYG income over the past
12 to 24 months; and
2. That has now ceased, they should be eligible for the JobKeeper payment.
3. This payment could be issued by the Australian Tax Office like the payment
of tax returns to a nominated bank account. 

  1. Self-funded retirees who rely on rent payments to fund their living expenses, for this group I proposed access to a supplement payment for those who provide rent assistance to their tenants if and individual can show:
  2. a more than 30% decline in their retirement income from property; and
    2. their annual retirement income received from property was less than a
    reasonable threshold as at 1 March 2020.