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NEWSLETTER SPECIAL: Introducing the Climate Change Bill

5 November, 2020

The day has finally come where I will introduce Climate Change Bill into Parliament. Now more than ever we need sensible, bipartisan climate policy in Australia.

On Monday, 9 November the Bill will be presented to Parliament as a Private Member’s Bill just after 10am. There are range of ways you can be involved, including watching the live introduction of the Bill and participating in a webinar hosted by The Australia Institute.

I would love for you to watch the live introduction of the Bill, that will include speeches by myself and my crossbench colleagues Rebekha Sharkie MP and Helen Haines MP. Click on this link then select House of Representatives. 

At 1pm I will then be joining Australia’s former Chief Scientist Professor Penny Sackett and The Australia Institute to discuss where to from now. The webinar “Why we need the Climate Act” will also include vision of the introduction of the Bill.

Click HERE to register for the Webinar.

This is a pivotal moment for me as the Member for Warringah to introduce legislation that will address climate change. This was one of my main platforms during the campaign and I’m so proud of my team and supporters for making it happen.

Finally, thank you for your support, we wouldn’t be here without the people of Warringah and the many people who have spoken up for sensible climate action. That said, the journey is not over. Stay tuned for what comes next.

Yours sincerely,