Roadmap Energy

When you switch on a light, run hot water or cook in the kitchen, do you think about how clean your electricity is? The electricity you use seems the same to you but the emissions generated by creating it can vary a lot. Some energy companies use fossil fuels for their electricity a lot more than others.

About one third of ALL carbon emissions in Australia are generated in the production of electricity, so small changes here have a BIG impact on total emissions.

Explore the checklist to find out more.

Roadmap-To-Zero logo Energy Checklist
  • Turn off appliances and power points when not in use
  • Wash your laundry on cold
  • Use an outside washing line rather than a tumble dryer for drying clothes
  • Close blinds during the day in summer to limit the need for aircon
  • Switch to energy-saving, LED lightbulbs
  • Set thermostats to 20c max in winter (heating) and 25c min in summer (aircon)

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