I/we pledge to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and address global warming (signed, date)

Roadmap-To-Zero logo Energy Checklist
  • Conduct an energy audit or engage an efficiency consultant
  • Learn more
  • Understand the emissions created by your supply chain and discuss with suppliers
  • Install awnings / close blinds during the day when hot to limit the need to use aircon
  • Set thermostats to no more than 20c in winter (heating) and no less than 25c in summer (aircon)
  • Set hot water to 60c and no more
  • Set thermostats to 20c max in winter (heating) and 25c min in summer (aircon)
  • Switch to energy-saving, LED lightbulbs
  • Join the NSW Energy Savings Scheme
  • Learn more
  • Choose an environmental electricity supplier
  • Learn more
  • Insulate roof cavities and underfloor spaces
  • Learn more
  • Install solar panels and storage battery
  • Learn more
  • When choosing new premises, consider the need to heat and cool sustainably

The choices we make on who supplies us have one of the biggest impacts on collective emissions. To make a real difference, check all your financial providers (banking, loans, superannuation) as well as your energy provider and see if you can make a difference by selecting providers who are sustainable and do not invest in fossil fuels