Roadmap Waste

Each year Australians waste around 7.3 million tonnes of food equivalent to about 300kg per person or one in five bags of groceries, at a cost of about $20 billion! Australian Government

If we get better at buying only what we actually need to use, and avoid single-use and non-recyclable materials, we can limit the amount of energy needed in their production Explore the checklist to find out more.

Roadmap-To-Zero logo Waste Checklist
  • Avoid disposable plates, cutlery and straws when catering and in operations
  • Ask your caterers to keep packaging, especially single-use packaging, to a minimum
  • Install a water fountain to encourage your staff to use re-useable water bottles
  • Switch from disposable batteries to re-chargeable
  • If you have a staff café, ensure they’re buying coffee from a sustainable source and ask them to set up a loan cup system instead of using disposable cups
  • Avoid buying products with unnecessary or excessive packaging
  • Go “paperless”
  • Conduct a Bin Trim review
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