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Zali Steggall to strike for the climate


19 September 2019

Zali Steggall OAM MP and her team will be joining a global protest for climate change in Sydney’s CBD on Friday, September 20.

The Not Business as Usual campaign has attracted thousands of businesses pledging to close their doors to send a message that governments must take urgent against climate change.

Strikes are planned in 120 countries, including more than 140 protest locations across Australia, three days before the UN Climate Action summit in New York.

Zali and her team will be catching the Manly ferry to the protest that begins at 12pm at the Domain in Sydney’s CBD.

“Global warming is an issue that impacts us all. We all have a responsibility to call for more preventative action by the government,” Ms Steggall said.

“We are on track to burden the next generation with its greatest intergenerational debt ever and I do not find that acceptable.”

“I encourage as many people to join me on the strike to send a strong message to the government that we will not sit idly by as the detrimental effects of climate change such as terrible health impacts are being felt.”

The local Warringah office will remain open for constituents with urgent issues.


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