Roadmap FAQ

Roadmap to Zero FAQ’s

What is the Roadmap to Zero?
A way to empower everyone to contribute to reducing our waste and emissions in Warringah.
Why should I take part in the Roadmap?
Although individual actions might seem insignificant, if we all work together doing our bit, our impact will be significant. Your actions will add up to real change.
I already do most of these things. Is it worth it for me?
Congratulations! You are one of the people who have been reducing waste with an eye to a cleaner future for a long time. Is there anywhere you can still improve? Check out our ‘Difficult’ level of actions in each category. If you feel you have done everything you can on a personal level, you might like to consider becoming a “Roadmap Hero” and help us create change on a wider level.
Another way you can make a big difference is to sign on five friends. Here is the link.
I’ve signed up to other schemes and not followed through. Why is the Roadmap to Zero different?
We will engage with the whole community to improve so that we all encourage each other by sharing our achievements, large and small. You will want to stay with us! We will have fun and improve our community in the process.
Will the Roadmap develop over time?
Absolutely yes! We will adapt and grow with the people who join up. We want to involve everyone and incorporate new ideas as we go along. We don’t know what we’re capable of until we get going.
Why Zero? Does it mean we will have to go without things?
Not at all! While we have to keep the goal of zero waste and emissions in mind, the Roadmap is all about making small changes to our lives, no matter how far along the road you are. The most important thing is we want you to feel good about the changes you make and that you are part of something bigger than yourself.
Some of the actions you suggest are debatable. I don’t necessarily agree they will reduce waste and emissions compared to what I’m doing now.
In this field, there are a lot of variables to take into consideration, and the answer is not always black and white. We have considered the actions we have recommended and on balance, we are convinced they will have a positive effect. If you don’t want to make that change, see if you can find something else that inspires you.
Will you be measuring the results?
We will be asking people to share their experiences. We will collate the actions and be able to give feedback on the changes Warringah has made, and what that will mean for the environment.

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