Parliament Updates

90 second statement: Redlands and Mackellar students' climate initiatives

28 November 2022


A number of schools in Warringah have invited me to hear ideas their students have for climate and environmental innovation.

I visited Mackellar Girls Campus in Manly Vale to hear from the year 10 students who had been working on local solutions to Global problems. I was most impressed with their presentations and concepts including: Basalt sculptures to tackle Ocean Acidification; tackling microplastics on beaches; and water management solutions for flood affected areas.

I also visited Redlands in Cremorne to hear from students from year 7 and 8 who for their Red-X event the Year 7s were challenged to address the future of transport, talking problems like road congestion, fuel options, safety and the environment. The Year 8 students were tasked with developing concepts to tackle threats to our oceans including pollution, ocean warming and over-fishing. What impressed me most was the creativity, passion and can-do attitude as well as the solutions the students came up with.

With students as passionate and engaged as these young people were, I am excited to see where these talents take them. No doubt we will see some wonderful researchers, marine scientists and social entrepreneurs amongst them. I encourage them to stay curious and continue to follow their passions. They absolutely will solve our problems of tomorrow.