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An update on COVID-19

22 July, 2020

We have been making great progress to beat the COVID-19 infection rates in NSW, but the risk has not gone away. We need to adapt and moderate our behaviour to keep everyone safe and to keep our businesses operating.

Please keep physical distancing wherever possible, wash your hands regularly and get tested if you have any symptoms. Encourage your friends and family to do the same.

This week we received news that the next sitting fortnight of Parliament will be cancelled due to the growing community transmission of COVID-19 in Victoria and NSW. Whilst it is important for Parliament to sit to ensure debate and scrutiny of Government, we must follow medical and health advice first and foremost. I support the call for extra sitting days to be added to the sitting calendar. 
Meanwhile, the NSW Premier has announced new restrictions for clubs, cafes and restaurants to come into effect next Friday. Get the latest details here:

The government has announced that $30 billion has been paid through Jobkeeper so far and the scheme will be extended into December 2020 and March 2021 quarters. The wage subsidy will continue until March.

JobKeeper Payments will be extended by six months to 28 March 2021, and the Coronavirus Supplement will be extended until 31 December 2020. For more information click HERE 


The Family Law Committee, of which I’m a member, is continuing to meet online. The committee has received and is processing over 1500 individual submissions and almost 200 organisational submissions for the inquiry. 

We have heard about the costs associated with the family law system, delays in the court system and the appropriateness of our legal framework. We look forward to further interrogating these and other themes as we continue with hearings.
The reporting date is set for October 2020. For more information visit HERE


Many residents have contacted my office to express concerns about plans from Optus to install a new mobile phone tower immediately adjacent to the north shore of Curl Curl Lagoon, near Abbott road playing field #5.

We know mobile phone reception is not great in this area but there are very real concerns about the location being suggested. The closing date for submissions is Sunday 26 July so please make your voice heard.

You can view the plans and DA HERE and you can make a submission HERE


It was an honour to attend the opening of the Gidget House at the Royal Far West hospital in Manly.

Gidget Foundation was set up after a vibrant new mother in Manly, known fondly as “Gidget” tragically took her own life while suffering from depression. In her legacy, her friends and family have set up the Gidget Foundation to support the emotional wellbeing of expectant and new mums.

Since COVID-19 the foundation has received an increase of 50% of calls from mothers needing help. To find out more information or to donate to the Foundation go to:

More than 920 people have now signed up to Warringah’s Roadmap to Zero and it keeps growing!

We are empowering everyone who signs up to contribute to a better cleaner future by reducing their waste and emissions. There are some fabulous stories! If you want to sign up, click HERE


During COVID-19 many of us have relied on the outdoors to do our exercise and enjoy nature.

My team and I had the pleasure of assisting Friends of Ivanhoe Park Botanic Garden (FIPBG) in receiving a federal grant of $4990 under the Volunteers' Grant.  This money will be used for gardening equipment and safety equipment for volunteers.

If you love to garden but live in an apartment or if you would like to be more involved in your community in a healthy, meaningful way, please consider joining the Friends of Ivanhoe Park Botanic Garden and joining them on a Gardening bee.

In a year where this young but vital community organisation (started in 2018 with 60 members) has had to cancel two of their major fundraising events, funding from grants and membership, only $35 for a family or $20 for an individual, are vital. They organise working bees and garden tours as well as visits to other botanic gardens (currently only in Sydney so that people can go by car and not a hired bus).

At the very least, please take a walk through this beautiful garden, tucked away behind Manly Oval, and enjoy the beauty of this local, open space that is maintained by volunteers.

For more information go to:


New Federal Grants are opening that I encourage you to apply for if it’s appropriate to your organisation or business or family.

•    There is a new grant for small business to help them reduce their power bills – Energy Efficient Communities Program for Small Business – and three grants per electorate will be granted.

•    There is also a new grant to help solve key environmental challenges. Information on the Business Research and Innovation Initiative is available HERE

•    The Australia-ASEAN Council's 2020 COVID-19 Special Grants Round are to support continuity in people-to-people and institutional engagement between Australia and the ASEAN region during and following the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic when restrictions on travel and social distancing will limit opportunities for face-to-face engagement and inward and outbound visits.

•    The 2020 Training Awards are open – where you can get recognised for providing excellent training for staff.
Instant asset write off extended to 31 December – if you take advantage of this, remember to buy local

•    Working from home tax deductions HERE

•    Local Sporting Champions are now open. This is a great opportunity to acknowledge young sporting champions in our community.

For more information on grants you can head to my website:


Unprecedented temperatures have been recorded in the Arctic Circle in recent weeks as climate change continues to impact our globe. To better understand these changes, I spoke with Australian Climate Change expert Tim Flannery who is chief councillor of the Australian Climate Council. 

To watch the full episode click HERE


One of the biggest issues that people mention to me when I'm out and about is traffic congestion in Warringah. Infrastructure Australia says we have the third most congested road in Sydney from Warringah Road to Chatswood. 

My team and I want to better understand how congestion affects your daily life and commute. We are conducting a Traffic Survey that you can fill out here. The survey closes August 31:[email protected]>

My team and I are constantly working to find solutions for you, your family and friends during this time.
You can keep up to date at our website and get in touch by emailing [email protected] or calling the office on 9977 6411 if you have concerns.
Please forward this on to your network of family and friends in Warringah.

Stay safe,