Area Captain JD

We’re looking for some special champions of change for this campaign. We are recruiting for volunteer area captains in each of the voting areas of the electorate. With the help of an area captain we can mobilise our willing volunteers to discuss the issues and the solutions with many more people in our community.


What we’re asking:


To inspire and organise the volunteer workforce in your area to run events and other campaign activities.

Be willing to organise, recruit, brief and lead people across a range of activities including:

  • Door knocking
  • Handing out flyers at bus stops; shopping centres
  • Hand out flyers to households
  • Polling booths on election day
  • Initiating positive conversations with friends, peers, family (online and offline)
  • Local area events


Be connected within your own geographic area to a group of people who are willing to support the campaign (attending events or volunteering).

Have your own networks of people to volunteer or attend events.

Share a plan, specific goals and calendar of activities with the Campaign Office.

Be in touch regularly with the campaign office for any updates and to provide feedback on your engagement with the community.

Help to build a pro-change culture of respect, positivity and self-leadership.

Get as creative as you want to with ideas to connect with people in your local area, just get approval for your ideas and plan from the Campaign Office.


We are asking area captains to commit for the duration of the campaign (until late May/early June)